Project description

Cleanliness is of utmost importance when manufacturing components for the visual area. An Original Equipment Manufacturer like Continental Automotive GmbH, must deliver products like car displays or mirror coatings that meet the customer’s expectations both from a technical and a visual perspective. In order to prevent particle contamination during the manufacturing process employees need to know what rules to follow from material delivery to the manufactured product. International and national standards define the room and clothing concept as well as the cleaning of components.

Continental Automotive GmbH ordered a web-based training in English to inform new employees about the basic requirements for cleanliness. This lays the basis for the following more detailed and specific on the job or classroom trainings.

In close collaboration with the client we first decided on the learning objectives, focus themes and how to structure the WBT. To illustrate the differences between the cleanliness classes we used recurrent elements like a flat design character wearing the required clothing. We combined flat design with photos from the plant and components to make the transfer to the trainees’ reality as easy as possible. The training is concluded with a detailed quiz using broad and creative formats to recap all focus themes.


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