Project description

If your car breaks down because of an electronic fault, it is most probable that the failure is caused by an electrostatic discharge (ESD). These mistakes could occur unnoticed during the production process. Our client, the Continental Temic microelectronic GmbH, produces components for the automotive industry and needs to prevent electrostatic discharge. They commissioned a web-based training to create the employees’ awareness for this topic. The training is available on the learning platform that was also put in place by us.

Continental Temic microelectronic GmbH

At our client’s plant in Nürnberg our web-based training team learnt what safeguards and rules of conduct need to be followed to prevent ESD. Like this the team was able to derive the training content and requirements there and then. We subdivided the training into four short modules and made the content comprehensible by using lots of examples. In order to be able to speak to a very heterogenous audience, we used a simple language. Hence we achieved to develop a training that creates awareness and gives a broad insight into electrostatic discharge at the same time.


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