Project description

In the digital age, the security of confidential data and information is one of the most important tasks for companies like Continental AG. Thus, the workforce has to be sensitised for this topic. In order to reach all employees throughout the company our client considered an e-learning appropriate. This mandatory training targeted to a very large and heterogenous audience. The objective was to get the employees certified. For this project we elaborated the story, created a design that is compatible with the company’s guidelines and coordinated the translations into 12 languages.

As most of the threats for Information Security occur during everyday business life, the setting of the training was chosen to be a normal day at Continental. The participants accompany the avatar Daniel on a usual business day. Throughout the training questions are prompted where they need to decide how Daniel should reply or react. It starts out with information security at the desk, continues on a business trip and ends with how to use social media. Like this a heightened awareness for secure data processing was achieved within Continental.


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