Project description

Continental Automotive GmbH produces high-end plastic elements for the automotive industry e.g. for the instruments on the dashboard or for the nozzles of the windshield wiper. These are oftentimes merged to the final product by laser welding. For laser welding the merging pieces need to be manufactured with high precision to achieve a perfect result and happy customers.

Continental Automotive GmbH commissioned a learning platform as well as a web-based training in English targeted towards all employees working in the manufacturing process. The training’s objective was to sharpen the participants’ sense for quality and to get their knowledge levelled for the following face-to-face training.

At their plant in Babenhausen our web-based training team learnt from an expert what laser welding means and where problems may arise. Like this we were enabled to structure the complex topic with a solid didactic concept. We subdivided the training into two modules and used descriptive photos, graphics and videos to comprehensibly show the content. Both modules have a final assessment for the participants to test their knowledge.

As a result, we managed to produce a training that gives a comprehensive overview on laser welding and its support structure and prepares the participants perfectly for the following face-to-face session.


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