Project description

Continental AG's Tyre Trade Management (TTM) commissioned us for a web-based training for employees of car dealerships. They should be instructed on how to advise customers goal-oriented when selling tyres. The main focus should be on communication skills.

We decided to split the content into three modules as communication skills in customer advise is a rather broad field. Each module focusses on a different customer type. Thus the salesman sees how to advise the different types of customers perfectly.

The initial module conveys the theoretical basics and covers the first customer type. Its main purpose is the transfer of knowledge.

For modules 2 and 3 we decided to use role plays interrupted by tips on communication skills and technical knowledge. Depending on the participant's responses to the objections of the customer the dialogue between the sales person (participant) and the customer may, as in real life, lead to a positive or negative outcome. To complete these modules the participants need to use and test their knowledge on different customer types.

In order to achieve a comic like feeling we used thoroughly illustrated characters.


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