Project description

The Tyre Trade Management (TTM) within Continental AG supports selected car dealerships in building a sustainable wheel and tyre business. In this B2B TTM follows a twin-track strategy: Workshops in the car dealership are accompanied by online trainings and business tools on an inhouse learning platform.

One of the basic workshops deals with the correct building of a “wheel and tyre team” as well as with its management. TTM commissioned us with a digital version of this workshop. Within this project we were asked to develop a special tool for team management.

The challenge for the conception of the training: the target group were decision makers in the car dealership and their participation was voluntary. So we had to find a quick answer to the question: “What’s in it for me?” in order to avoid that the participants lose interest and quit the training.

To achieve this goal we demonstrated not only sales opportunities, but also gave valuable hints for building and managing such teams.

A true additional value was our newly developed team tool for the organisation of workflows as well as for the communication of the management with the team and its members.


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