Project description

Experts expect a trend away from combustion engines towards electric cars in the coming years. This development goes hand in hand with a rising demand for charching stations. Fleet managers of large companies can prepare for this by planning the charging infrastructure for their fleet now. At this point the Volkswagen Group Charging GmbH and its electromobility service provider Elli come into play: Elli offers holistic charging solutions that are specially tailored to the needs of fleets. Volkswagen Group Charging GmbH ordered an explanatory video in German as well as in English to provide their sales representatives with information for customer meetings with fleet managers.

We developed different concept ideas for the workshop with our client. It quickly turned out that a combination of scenario and infographics would be the best choice. Using them is the best way to implement the two main requirements: sensitize fleet managers for the topic of charging infrastructures and introduce the solutions of the service provider Elli. For the scenario we created the pleasant fleet manager Markus who can be easily identified with. In the video he is planning the electrification of his fleet and comes accross Elli during his research. This is the smooth transition to the infographics part about Elli’s charging solutions. To make the content understandable, transparent and vivid, we designed figures and objects in flat design and used an intense colouring as well as a clear language. As we learned from our client, the video is used intensively by the sales representatives and enjoys great popularity.


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