Project description

Independent whether it is an e-learning, personal coaching, webinar or face-to-face training – further education can be so easy. The training portal at Volkswagen Financial Services AG allows employees of car dealerships to access a great variety of qualification possibilities. To market the portal to the target audience we produced a short and easy to understand video showcasing the qualities and advantages of the training portal.

The objective of an advertising campaign is to create curiosity. Hence when looking for the right format we quickly decided to go with a movie trailer. Right at the beginning excitement is steered up by the music that we chose. The music then changes its style and the three key elements of the training portal are introduced: Search, Book, Qualify. Thereby the audience is guided through the portal and learns how to do the easy booking process as well as the different training methods. The result was very satisfactory to Volkswagen Financial Services AG and she is using it successfully to market the portal ever since.


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