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Covid-19 pandemic

An ICON training developed to provide you and your staff with a better understanding of covid-19 and protective measures to prevent an infection. The focus is on the employee: What do employees need to know now? What are the symptoms of Covid-19 and what do employees need to do if they become infected? What protective measures do they need to take to protect themselves from infection?

Covid-19 is currently the dominant topic for all of us and you can find a lot of information about it. However, at the same time it is difficult to keep an overview and distinguish between reliable information and fake news.

For this reason, we put together a training course that gives a comprehensive overview from validated sources. We will keep the information current and update the training, if new information becomes available.


What is special about our training?

  • Current

  • Interactive

  • Customisable

  • Responsive

Here you can find the training

Start Covid-19 training

Start Covid-19 training

Our offer – your options

Free version

Your employees may participate in the training on our website free of charge.

SCORM version

You will receive a SCORM package for your Learning Management System (LMS) with tracking option.

Your individual version

This version is individually adapted to the needs of your industry and company.

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