Project description

Continental AG's Tyre Trade Management (TTM) supports car dealerships throughout Europe to start a sustainable business for tyres and wheels. Their consultants deliver all-day workshops for interested car dealerships and are subsequently available for advice.

TTM now wanted to change to a blended learning strategy complementing these face-to face workshops wih a digital supporting progamme consisting of web-based trainings and business tools provided by us.

eLearning Journal Award 2020

Hence we developed the award-winning learning platform TTM-Online to support the on-site workshops. The platform offers several web-based trainings on tyre retailing, tyres and products in 20 languages. Each country has its own adaptations and menu items so that the design also varies. Furthermore, the different user groups have access to different areas and different rights. For car dealerships we implemented business tools to calculate sales planning and gross profits as well as for the planning of team work processes.


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