A good online-training is taking its audience seriously –
their motivation, their prior knowledge and their expectations.
We at ICON spare no efforts to facilitate learning for the participants.
Our projects follow a well-established process that requires lots
of communication but in the end will lead to great results.


Compliance trainings are relevant for everyone and are usually required to be revisited in regular intervals. Web-based trainings are the ideal format for them as they offer some major advantages: anyone, anytime, anywhere.

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Technology & Processes

The cycle times to introduce new technologies and processes in companies are getting ever shorter. Web-based trainings support these changes as they have a 24/7 availability.

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Introducing new employees quickly to the company and familiarise them with corporate values and requirements – which onboarding program can do without digital support nowadays?

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Product training

Independent whether you are planning B2B or employee training on your newly launched products: online trainings are the most cost and resource efficient method.

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Consulting & Sales

Web-based trainings are interactive and allow participants to train for example sales pitches or dealing with customers in simulations.

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Leadership is one of the big challenges and must be learned. Web-based trainings are ideal to support this process.

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Web-based trainings

We admit: Web-based trainings are our favourite discipline. No other format is that adjustable to the target audience as this. No other format is better in activating the participants and transforming a given objective into a great learning experience.

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Mobile learning

Learning requires time. Argueing the converse is an empty promise. But it is also true that mobile learners spend about 40 minutes per week more on further education than those using non-mobile devices solely. Smartphones are ideal to use for learning when traveling, commuting or waiting.

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Software training

If you want to learn how to use a new software or application, screencasts will give you a much better idea how to do that than a manual. Advanced screencasts also contain interactive elements that help you to train and learn how to perform specific tasks.

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Usually we hold a kick-off meeting, before we send you a proposal. Based on your requirements, we find together a strategy: What shall learners know or be able to do after completing the training?



Together with our proposal, you will receive a first basic concept of the training. This concept specifies the required content and learning objectives as well as the technical, time and financial framework.



After the approval of the basic concept we first develop a detailed concept and then a script. The script explains each screen exactly and gives you the possibility for a detailed review. Additionally, the script gives you a first impression on the planned design.



Using a professional studio we produce the audio once the script text has been approved. In parallel our designers start working on the animations and graphics. Subsequently, the audio and the graphic implementation will be merged together to the initial version of the training.



After our internal review you will get the training for your final review.



The approved version of the training is provided for the participants on your learning platform.



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