Project description

The demand for all-season tyres increases – partly because a lot of customers perceive the change of winter and summer tyres each spring and autumn as troublesome.

As a reaction to this trend, our client Continental AG in Hannover developed a new AllSeason tyre and asked us to produce a complementary B2B web-based training for the retailers.

The special challenge was to present the advantages of the AllSeason tyre without neglecting its limitations as it should only be offered to customers matching the requirements.

We designed the web-based training by splitting it in three chapters over 12 screens:

  1. Product informtion as well as target group.
  2. A case scenario on a consultation: The participant plays the role of the sales person and replies to the customer’s inquiries appropriately using the suggested replies.
  3. The scenario is taken into the final assessment where the participant faces two customer types and is required to give an appropriate response.

The newly developed knowledge on the product is used in a safe environment. At the same time the participant gets practice how to deal with different types of customers.


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