Project description

In our connected world, we see an increased demand for transportation. This development requires it to be sustainable and efficient with more and more digitalisation. At the same time connecting people always needs to be safe and secure. Thus, it is of increasing importance to ensure cyber security in the rail environment. Particular challenges for this security are the long life cycles of rail infrastructure and rolling stock as well as the fact that even small interruptions may have grave consequences.

Our client, Siemens Mobility GmbH, therefore decided to create a training series that equips the employees of railway companies in local and long-distance transport worldwide for these special challenges in cyber security.

To draw attention to the topic, our client commissioned a brief video. In a joint workshop, we defined the objectives. The video should have an advertising, evocative character and at the same time convey the importance of cyber security and the need for everyone to be vigilant to ensure it.

To achieve this, we proposed to use two different designs: a colourful, emotional design and one that is white and technical.

For the beginning and end of the video, we chose the colourful design that creates emotions and appeals to the viewer. Stories are told on the screen while the content is conveyed. One example for these stories is a mother travelling to her family. This appeal to the viewers’ emotions is supported by the background music, targeted sound effects as well as the use of an avatar, Selma. She is a Siemens employee and guides the participants through the video. At first, the viewers only hear her voice. Therefore, when she appears at the end with a passionate appeal, her message and the promotional part associated with it are emphasized.

The middle section is explanatory in nature and is set in the white technical design. Here, the three pillars of cyber security in rail transport are explained: secure systems, processes reflecting regulatory requirements and attentive employees.

At the end of the video, the participants are referred to the web-based trainings for their respective work areas. In these trainings, they learn how to recognise and avert cyber security threats.


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