Project description

In the digital age there is one key challenge faced by each company: information security. This does not only apply for data protection against hacker attacks and physical data theft, but also plays an important role for accidental information leaking in everyday situations at the workplace, while travelling or at home.

That is why our client, Volkswagen Financial Services AG, intended to start a campaign within its Information Security Management System (ISMS) that does not only inform employees about threats, but also conveys corresponding precautions and security measures as well as the resulting behavioural adaptations.

Therefore, they commissioned a web-based training series in order to make this staff training 24/7 available for everyone.

The challenge for this project was to present the extensive topic in a way that employees enjoy the web-based trainings and as a result modify their behaviour. We achieved this objective by creating scenarios that are close to the employees’ reality. Thus, we designed premises such as offices and meeting areas in accordance with the real work environment at Volkswagen Financial Services. The concrete instructions of the ISMS of our client that can easily be applied in their daily routine.

The structure of the training – three modules plus a final test – allows the participants to explore the topic step by step. Moreover, the modules can easily be extended in case there are new risks identified in the future.


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